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Wheel Lift Towing

The newest in towing technology just got improved, thanks to a revolutionary wheel lift system that makes towing easier. The system may be controlled while the operator is inside the comfort and safety of his or her tow truck; hydraulic power makes lifting heavy car possible.

The truck’s long arm, called the stinger, extends out to the vehicle that needs to be towed. The vehicle’s leading wheel is then cradled in contact with the tires on underneath the vehicle. The brackets are secured using hydraulics, which act as an extra security embracing the tires on either side. The bottom part is lifted and the drive wheels are set off the ground. Then the tow trucks starts driving and carries your vehicle.

With it, your car’s tires will be left relatively safe during the course of the trip. You can contact us at (509) 424-5315 if you ever need wheel lift towing in Spokane. Our company makes use of an advanced, high-end wheel lift system to bring your vehicle off the ground, safe from road contact as we tow it to your destination.

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